Coppermine End User Manual

By Ken Grunke

This is a custom configured install of Coppermine Gallery with the top User Menu removed, which included the login, upload images, and logout links to keep clutter to a minimum on the pages. Those links plus other useful administrative links, are included on this page with some instructions for basic modifications of the Gallery section. For more detailed configuration and administrative instructions, refer to the full Documentation and Manual page.

Logging in

The base URL for this gallery is

Just add login.php to the end of that URL to get to the login prompt--here's the link:

Uploading images

This is another part of the User Menu that was removed, which of course only shows when you are logged in. The URL is a simple one like the login one, just add upload.php to the base URL:

Here you will be able to upload images in batches of up to 5, or add the URL of the upload folder where images can be added with an FTP program. That folder is located at: /home/keiko/public_html/gallery/albums/upload if FTP is your preferred mode of operation over a browser upload.

Logging out

Simple as logging in, just add logout.php to the base URL: